Friday, November 18, 2011

Letter To Love

[Please don’t consider the grammar] Exactly i don't know but may be a year back or more then that we would be together, but today we both act as if none of us exist in each other's life. When i try to sleep, a live hell drama start in my mind(play).....whenever I think of my past it is needles from all sides and stars to poke my heart.My tears, seem meaningless to myself as they roll off my cheek and then on ground.Because there's no one to wipe them off like you were sometime before.
 When I see people happy together.I feel that I was also happy a year back or more then that When "you" owned my life.I  hope god feel pity over the fate of this boy.But, today, I'm left out with some note(faded already),photograph and lots of memories which are still paining my life with your life.When I think about the time when you by my side, all memories flash back.Even the good thoughts, late nite gossips,and so on makes tears run down my cheeks and falls on ground.But, what I realize now is that all the happiness in the world I get and gave you, started paving the way towards the pain.Your past presence doesn't seem good right now nor does your absence. All that you've left for me is a broken heart that can't mend ever again.Your smile that I see on the pictures make me feel low.
They make me weak."You"have been the reasons to live and to make my life a living hell.Still, when I look up at the stars,they give me a sign of hope. What I think and try to smile is that I was lucky to have you ance and that's 'literally' enough.
It makes my hearts go numb whenever I see you, either on a picture or sometimes on my real life.It makes, me fall of my knees when I read the words,"I LOVE YOU" on the faded corners of the pages,which was written by you.These are only the things that make me feel comforted.Though you're not around. There's some parts of you in my heart,Yeah! Its hard to forget even i wish but you  forget me for no reason very early.Its stupid to cry when its been a year or more then that we've been apart. I dont know why it getting harder these days to put you aside I think it because your ignorance is getting deeper and deeper.SO, all I want to say is that I'm tired of pretending to be OK.Because I also own a heart(although its not perfect as yours).What i know is that i still love......................

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