Friday, November 18, 2011

One Mistake

The end of all tension and all worries of the world.No need to care at all.But, is it going to hurt.May, be a little it hurt.But it"ll be alright after i die.Where will I go ??Well according to people good works takes us heaven but what if i have done bad work.will i go to hell?Well i am going to die anyway, so to be frank, I'm not a such a good person.I think i had never help people  or sometime i may have help.But what the reason of that.I have done more bad work then good. So, I think I"ll surely go to hell.But,once on a tour,when a car hit a small child, an orphan actually,I ran to save him, without thinking about anything. I carried him he was bleeding and took him to nearest clinic.Later when he was fine I dropped him to his orphan building.Here what, will god take me to heaven for that? I'm not panicking now but still I am frightened for what I have done last time.Some one is right saying that, never trust anyone,if you know that, the particular person does not trust you in return.Bu I knew who trusted me.Someone tells me that she would be always be there to save me at anycost if i was dying or will be dying.BUt now what i think is world is full of selfishness,But today when i think of killing my self there's no one. It can be my imagination but i can see her,she is on the otherside of my life. I want to cry out loud and long her name,and be saved but if i did that, i would not be able to find out where i was to go hell or heaven.Although, if it had to be just one choice, well i know which to chose. 

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